Friday 22 October 2010

Tribal patterns

I am back after a break from blogging. I finally have a bit more to show on the developing hanging. I have been finding it quite difficult to write (blog) recently and I have been spending far too much time thinking about what would be interesting for others to read and I end up not writing anything.
My main purpose for blogging was to share my work with others and that is what I have to keep at the forefront of my mind. It is not about quantity it is about my process and ideas which might inspire others.

Last weekend Dave and I went to a fantastic dinner with a lovely group of friends and my friend Susan said something to me which made me think :
It is not just about doing lots it is about doing what is right for you.
Dinner was fantastic Gina it is always nice to get together with you !
Then on Sunday we were invited out yet again for dinner with a Fabulous family who are such kind and generous people. They have shown as all so much kindness. Often times in life we spend too much time worrying or thinking of all that we do not have or all that we meed to do, instead we should take time to appreciate all that we do have - great friends who are wonderful. I truly can't believe how fortunate we are to know so many uniquely fantastic people.

The tribal hanging has been developing at a slow pace. First I made a stencil from paper and used oilsticks to print onto a dyed cotton background. I then appliqued bits of black velvet (cut out into shapes related to the print) onto the background, some of these were machined felted with bits of yarn for added interest and texture. I painted Lutrador with black acrylic paint, then added metallic powders in purple and silver, some of these were stitched onto the background while others which are slightly larger are pinned along the edges of the design. The image shows some painted and unpainted (white) Lutrador shapes.