Tuesday 13 December 2011

The spirit of Christmas, Creative Children and me

Christmas is here, the tree is up and has been for over a week now and I am doing my best to get that Christmas spirit.

Time passes so quickly and often I think that I have not done enough in terms of my art, I never seem to be on top of my blogging either so way too often a month passes before Ican make a post on my blog. My daughters on the other hand, Melissa and Selena have been blogging away and are always in my studio making one thing or another. I am thinking of changing the locks (joke).
 Melissa is very much into fashion and art, her blog expresses this love clearly, have a quick look  http://melsappelle.blogspot.com. She is the reason behind my shaved Mohawk look which she describes as "edgy" and that it makes me look the artist (no mention of my work)( joke).

Selena a calmer personality loves making and creating and for her age is really producing quality work, she is a whizz on the sewing machine. Her latest project was a large painting of a multicoloured Zebra. She is more methodical and thinks a lot about what she is doing before doing it. Her blogs can be found at http://www.artlovermusicloverlifelover.blogspot.com and http://www.how2maketoys.blogspot.com

Not to be outdone by these talented girls of mine, I have made a few new mini quilt landscapes incorporating the use of dyed fabrics, oil sticks, stencils and paint. The design is very simple but the detail is in the patterns on the landscape, I will remove that rogue thread on the left in the photo eventually. The second quilt is darker with more surface pattern.  

As part of my exploring new ideas and techniques I began using Photo shop which Melissa introduced me to and the following piece of work is a result of this exploration using Selena's photo and incorporating it into a mixed media piece. I have also done another one but this time with a photo of Mel, it is not quite where I want it to be so I will show it when I am happy with it.
The Essence of Selena Rose is a combination of stitch, gesso,metallic pens, paper, fabric and transfoil and Selena's Photo shopped image.