Friday, 16 October 2009

Today I finished my quilt Body Painting. I would not describe myself as a quilter but I have recently been creating quilts. I enjoy the use of printing, painting, stitching and embellishing. I find it challenging to combine techniques and love the effects created when these are combined. This piece was inspired by an image of a woman in the process of covering her body in patterns, I used both the image and the patterns in my composition.

On the completion of the quilt I went on to another piece of work which I had started previously. This piece is on canvas and I have again used a range of materials and techniques. I am hoping to add some images of these pieces here but as you know I struggle with technology and might have to call in help (Mel) to do this bit.

At half term I will be running a few workshops where I will be demonstrating a few techniques to a group of young people who will be taking part in an art competition. I will show images of my ideas for this workshop later.


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