Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Life goes on!

Melissa (the accused on the left) and Selena

Summer has almost gone and the routine of school and life slowly gets back to normal. Over the last few weeks I have only been able to get into the studio for brief moments  BUT everyone else seems to get out there. My daughter Melissa was working in there a few nights ago with the dog Rascal for company, having retired to bed for the evening I was surprised when she appeared with my Bernina foot pedal in one hand and cut wires in the other, Rascal had bitten through the wire  I was not a pleased mum, I jumped up and started searching the net for a replacement, to my horror it will cost me just under £100 to replace it. I was fuming! Dave being the handy man that he is, seeing my distress had also jumped up out of bed, he pulled out his tool kit and in no time had soldered the wires back together - What a man! and all this done in his pajamas!  It works BUT who wants to sew with a Bernina QE 440 sewing computer, which has a foot pedal with taped up wires? Not me - I will have to order a replacement and I have decided that Rascal is not allowed in my studio at least until he is over his chewing wires phase and when the steam stops coming out of my ears maybe I will allow Mel back in there again! LOL


Blogger Gina said...

Oh no! What a very naughty Rascal! But I did laugh at the thought of you and Dave running around in your pyjamas fixing things!

8 September 2011 at 14:41  

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