Friday, 13 November 2009

Return of the blogger!

I am back! It has been really difficult to get back to blogging, first it was halfterm workshops and then a messy studio. I have finally managed to get my self organised and back to the job of creating and teaching. I have continued playing around with my textile heart challenge but the results have not been as interesting as I would like them to be so for now I will not display them.

Today was spent exploring my embellisher with a friend, this tool is really facinating and although it is very basic and simple to use, with time I am sure very interesting results can be achieved.

I am posting a sketch which I did yesterday instead of the hearts because I am hoping that this sketch will be the begining of a new piece of work based again on my theme of body decoration. It is again a portrait but I am not sure if it will remain that way or if I will develop it into an abstract design, we shall see. It was a hasty sketch and I used oil pastels. I am in a constant battle with myself because I always want to work on stretched canvas and yet again this sketch is driving me in that direction but I will try another approach, maybe in addition to the canvas.......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this sketch, it is like a moment poised in time.

3 January 2010 at 20:03  

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