Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Body Painted Female on Canvas

After finishing my Ilatmul wall hanging, I tidied up my studio, sorted the fabrics, put the paints together and created a sizable bag of small bits to recycle. This and the fact that next week Susan, Gina, Ricky and myself will be getting together for a making session has set me off thinking about what my next project will be. I am thinking that it might involve working in 3D. This all sounds very exciting and I can't wait. While sorting out of the studio I came across this mixed media painting which is now hanging on a wall instead of in storage.

It was inspired by my interest in body decoration and rituals. I am now also on a mission to use the materials I have instead of giving in to the urge of buying more as I am running out of storage space. Wish me luck there.


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