Sunday, 25 September 2011

Purple circles

I have been trying to complete a piece which began as an experiment. I started it in June with my friends Catherine and Alison. It began as a doodle on  a piece of paper using pastels, I did a bit of stitching, added felt, and odd bits of fabric. I liked the spiral in the centre and began to make that my point of emphasis. I knew that it needed a lot more development so I cut it up into three strips and then added it onto a base of felt , to this I added lots of hand stitching and some machine felting using merino wool fibres.
I was pleased with this development and felt that it was going in the direction that I wanted. It was unusual for me to work without a planned design and I found it was somewhat liberating. I continued looking at  and analysing the piece. What does it need to make it a successful piece in my eyes?  I liked the random circular movement of the design so I focused on that. I then covered the entire piece with pink organza and stitched random circles all over it. I then zapped it with heat tools. This distressing changed the effect completely.
The entire piece was again covered but this time with  silver - grey organza, to this I added drawn silver circles, stitching, purple dyed fabric circles and  a few seed beads. The design has taken on another aspect but what I find really interesting is the layers created before are showing through and it works well.

I believe it still needs further development so I will let it hang in my studio while I work on yet another experiment. Maybe a strong border will be all that it needs.


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