Thursday, 29 September 2011

Planning and Dreaming

I have been looking back at my sketch pads hoping to develop another experimental piece. I selected a bit of fabric which I had prepared about two years ago to be the starting point for this. It was created  using newspaper bonded onto a piece of furnishing fabric, stitched and then distressed.

I really liked the effect and could not think of how I would develop it further so I have made this my new challenge. The wonderful textured surface is crying out for a strong shape to give it stability and direction. I selected the work below from my sketch pad as I liked the strong contrast of the geometric shapes over the delicate figure in the background and thought the two could be combined successfully.

This piece above resulted from another work based on patterns used in body painting.  It has great potential and it continues to give me many ideas which I hope to explore completely. I will share my progress as it develops.


Blogger Unknown said...

I often have the same problem - beautiful background that takes time to incorporate. LOVE the newspaper look; the printed word is fascinating.

20 February 2017 at 16:33  

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