Saturday, 25 August 2012

Underwater and World in a box

About two weeks ago I was asked to create a piece of textile work in blues and greens with a sea theme to be given as a wedding present. The receiver was described as a bubbly, warm, friendly fun loving young woman who has struggled with a serious illness recently. I played around a bit with the colours and came up with the result below. I looked at the reflectiveness and movement of water and the shapes of bubbles. I kept the composition very simple and have placed a frame with floating bubbles stitched into it to mirror what is happening in the main area of the work.

The copper shape at the bottom represents a sunken ship and the circles portholes and bubbles.
Earlier than this however I was sent an email telling me about an idea where for a small fee you could receive random objects  with which you were to create a piece of art based on the title  "world in a box" I thought this could be a new way of working for me so I sent off my fee and the odd selection of items arrived.

 These items were all very directional and seemed to suggest something to do with gardening and the out doors, I did not want to take it in this direction but so far in my playing around that is where it seems to be headed.
 It has been exciting though  and as you can see my temporary world in a box is quite an unusual one with quilted trees, corn husk paper leaves and blue and green stick flowers. The very contrasting geometric shapes are to represent an architectural structure. This might all become something else.


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