Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Exciting work done by gifted Primary School students

At the end of last  half term, I was so thrilled with the work done by a group of Key Stage 2 students that I teach, I promised them that I would put the photos of their work on my blog. I forgot of course and today one of the students, Megan  reminded me, so here they are and a big thank you to her.
Please see the wonderful Mexican birds which they made using a polystyrene base covered with Claycrete and painted with Mexican inspired patterns using acrylic paint.
The tiles above were done by younger students Key Stage 1. To ensure that I do not show favouritism
I am showing their fabulous clay tiles too.
Another project which was all about Autumn leaves and trees was completed today by Key Stage 2. It would have been great to photograph all of them but I forgot my camera so one student kindly took a photo of hers  which shows and gives an idea of what they have done.
Thank you Maria for sending it to me, the tree is made from foil, the bare branches from garden wire and the base is from polystyrene, painted green. The base was covered with tissue paper and painted green. the fallen leaves are made from air drying clay and painted in lovely autumnal colours. I have many gifted students!!


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