Sunday, 21 July 2013

End of Fun Project

Just a quick post to share a great photo taken on a bright hot sunny day, at the end of an exciting project with  Natural High . This project included the children from Thongsley Primary School in Huntingdon, the staff and their parents. They all came together to create wonderful colourful costumes Mel, Ricki and I helped them to create  tie - dye bandannas, bright, sparkly headdresses, colourful cardboard tabbards and fabulous strip skirts. A delightful parade accompanied a performance of their own music  taught and led  by talented musician, Jo.
 In addition to this and with Ricki's supervision they also made  the absolutely handsome male giant puppet seen modelling with us. (Jo, Ricki, myself and Melissa, Gorgeous George standing elegantly behind). George the Giant! What a cutie!! The photo was taken by Viv Peters the director.


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