Sunday 24 June 2012

Royal Jubilee and Kyra Hicks and lots more

A few weeks ago  I received an interesting email from Kyra Hicks which I thought I would share on my blog. My plan was to blog straight away but with life's usual delays, I am behind in sharing this information. This is really fascinating stuff particularly during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, so please read about it in the Huffington Post:

 This past month has been full fascinating events, first of all, I had a surprise celebration with Susan and Gina for my 25th Wedding Anniversary, although I know that 25 years has been a long time I somehow had not fully appreciated the importance of it  and in my usual way I had not wanted to do much to celebrate it, but Susan, John, Gina,  and Stewart being the kind and thoughtful friends prepared an evening for us to remember. Susan and John got us a beautifully presented white and silver themed gift bag filled with chocolates,Champagne and  some other goodies. The dinner John prepared was delicious as usual but the biggest surprise came when Susan walked in with the desert which had a beautiful sparkling fountain firework sitting on top, it was so very special. 
Gina and Stewart presented us with one of her  beautifully made matchbox books, and she had placed our photo inside taken 25 years earlier. Dave and I were absolutely moved by this kindness. How can we thank them enough? We will remember our 25th Anniversary fondly.

In terms of work I had the opportunity to work with Cambridge International School during their Art week celebration and the children designed and made a hanging of their school building. It was fun to do and I was pleased with the positive and enthusiastic way that they all approached the project. The photo above shows the project half way and the end result can be seen below.

It is now back to working on About Face next week.