Thursday 20 September 2012

weekend of sunshine, walking and batik

Two weekends ago I joined the Glam / Glum mums for a walk in the Peak District, it was with lots of encouragement from my friend Claire that I went along. I needed the break from all the life stuff happening at the moment and after a two and a half hour drive we made it. The weather on the way seemed foggy and not quite what we were expecting as we were dressed in shorts and t - shirts but once there and moving, it got extremely hot. It was great fun seeing everyone and I was really glad that I was able to go although I struggled getting over a few hills and peaks. The return journey was also much fun with music from Tom Jones and the two tuneless baritones (Claire and myself) joining in with incorrect words, Van Morrison and Jack Johnson were also great to sing along to.On the following Sunday even though I felt a wreck, after some pain relief for my aching body I worked with Mel and Lena on some batik samples in the garden, it was therapeutic.

I thought it a good idea as I am hoping to teach a new batik class at a village college nearby. I had a taster session last week to recruit participants and  a few learners dropped in and had a go, they produced interesting results. I then attended a teacher training session on Saturday where I met a group of interesting practitioners. It is always fun to review and learn new things.

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