Thursday 31 July 2014

Summertime Sculpture

While updating my website and going through old photographs of my work, I rediscovered my sculptural dolls. I was really into making these dolls about 12 years ago and on seeing them again I became excited and re-inspired. I feel that these pieces of art/sculptures made a strong statement about ideal beauty and at the time I received positive feedback from my contemporaries.

 I have always enjoyed working in three dimensions and with clay, quite often I have a strong desire to create larger than life sculptures still;  but of course I am unable to do so because of restrictions of space, materials and time. I still love the feel of clay and the ability to manipulate it into a satisfying shapes which can so easily convey much emotion and expression. I find this very rewarding even when working with children. Knowing all of this I thought I would share a few of my sculptural dolls here with you, please look at my website to see more. I am still working on it to provide an even better experience for my viewers.

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