Tuesday 28 October 2014

'Forget Black History month. It's depressing. Pick Black Berries instead'

Summer came and went with it's usual fun in the sun days and family togetherness. It seemed to go by too quickly and was soon gone leaving me wondering where it went. I spent some time in my studio painting, stitching and forgetting to keep a record of my progress (smile). I tried painting birds  as I have noticed that many artists seem to be inspired by them and I had never thought of doing them before so I gave it a try and one result can be seen below.

Kingfisher painted on paper with acrylics

In the last couple of months I have also been meeting with Adrian Ashmore and Ashley Meggitt who are both helping me with the business aspect of my work. The results of which I will share as things progress. Both are computer experts, Adrian is also a professional photographer and Ashley an accomplished writer and musician. These meetings have resulted in professional photographs of my work taken, a business plan drawn up and we are working on a few other areas to get the project on it's feet. I am really excited, all will be revealed later.

Today is also the 28th day of October and this month is celebrated as Black History month in the UK. Each year since 2013 the month of October has been designated as Black History month but very rarely, if ever, do I hear any mention of it, especially in Cambridge where I live. I set about looking into this. I understand that the black community in Cambridge is rather small but my understanding of the reason for black history month has nothing to do with Slavery or past injustice. In my search for information I came across a rather interesting article in the Guardian written by Hugh Muir in 2013 it was called "Forget Black History Month. It's depressing pick Black berries instead" When I read it I realized how important it was to make a personal statement about this with my little voice. It is important to share the knowledge about ethnic minorities who play positive roles in our communities, this is one of the reasons  why I work with young people in schools, I believe that my work in schools especially where there are few or no minorities makes a strong statement and will help change the misunderstandings, stereotypical ideas and discrimination of racism. Through my love and passion for art I hope to build bridges, share ideas and knowledge all for a better world.
October is very important as it is also Breast Cancer Awareness month.