Wednesday 25 August 2010

Festival of Quilts was great for Girl Behind The Mask

On Sunday I went to see my Quilt Girl Behind The Mask at the Festival of Quilts NEC in Birmingham. I was very close to missing it but my friend Margaret came to the rescue and we went together. Our daughters Melissa and Shakira joined us as well to collect information for their GCSE Art course. They wandered off without us to explore and take photos on their own, while Margaret and I drifted around losing each other now and again. It was a wonderful event and of course I spent too much, but art materials will never go to waste, books are good for reference and gadgets are fun to try out.
The work was fantastic and I was excited to see my work in the spacious surroundings, it was refreshing to listen to comments made about my work without those who were making the comments knowing that I was present. That was of course until Mel decided that she had to take a photo of me in front of the quilt.
It was wonderful to have a good close up look at the many fantastic quilts done mostly by proper quilters, with the added advantage of seeing other artist demonstrating their work. I am now anxious and inspired to make more quilts, even better than the last one.
I must admit here that a few weeks ago I had a little bit of a mid life crisis. I shaved part of my head, this has caused my husband a bit of concern but it has liberated me, I am trying to become less inhibited, he is worried and wondering what will be next. He makes me laugh. I like it but I can tell he loves it.

Thursday 19 August 2010


Festival of Quilts is this weekend and I will have to visit so that I can see Girl Behind the Mask in another environment. I am almost afraid to go as I will be looking out for every mistake I have made on it. I have almost forgotten what it looks like and will be pleased to see it again.

The Henry Moore exhibition was great too! I managed to squeeze it in a few weeks ago, it was a very small exhibition but excellent, it was interesting to see his use of the crayon resist technique and the fluidity of his line. It is the perfect example of how design can be transformed from paper to fabric to sculpture. Well worth seeing if you are in Norwich.

The conservatory is almost finished and my idea of creating a hanging for the door did not go down well with Dave. He thought it would take me a bit too long and delay the completion of the room, I agreed. I will now have to look for another challenge.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Rain, and brooches

In between the raindrops and a bit of tidying I have made a few silk flowers to be made into brooches. Instructions for these were published a while back in an issue of Stitch magazine. The colours are wonderful on a smart jacket. I will include these in my jewellery collection for the craft fair in a few weeks.

I have also been redecorating our conservatory and I will need to make a hanging for it's door. I thought this could be a focal point for the room. I will begin designing that soon as I already have the blinds bought for all the windows. The blinds are mushroom colour and the throws are a rich orange/ red. Watch this space for further developments.