Thursday 31 July 2014

Summertime Sculpture

While updating my website and going through old photographs of my work, I rediscovered my sculptural dolls. I was really into making these dolls about 12 years ago and on seeing them again I became excited and re-inspired. I feel that these pieces of art/sculptures made a strong statement about ideal beauty and at the time I received positive feedback from my contemporaries.

 I have always enjoyed working in three dimensions and with clay, quite often I have a strong desire to create larger than life sculptures still;  but of course I am unable to do so because of restrictions of space, materials and time. I still love the feel of clay and the ability to manipulate it into a satisfying shapes which can so easily convey much emotion and expression. I find this very rewarding even when working with children. Knowing all of this I thought I would share a few of my sculptural dolls here with you, please look at my website to see more. I am still working on it to provide an even better experience for my viewers.

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Thursday 10 July 2014

Brilliant Batik workshops with a local primary school

The wonderful work  below was done by students at Milton Primary School. They were so delightful that I thought I would post a few photos. They were all beautiful. I spent two days working at their school and I was very impressed with their artistic ability and determined effort.

 The themes were underwater, Egyptian art and flowers.

What brilliant designs and fantastic colours hanging on the line across the classroom.

These were some my favourite ones there were lots more all inspired by Van Gough's sunflowers.